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King of Canyons Tour

King of Canyons Tour is one of the most sought-after and grandiose helicopter tours in Las Vegas.

Your trip will start with a beautiful limousine that will pick you up at the foot of your hotel. It will take you to the McCarran International Airport heliport in the heart of Las Vegas.

There, you will board a superb top-of-the-range Airbus H130 helicopter, equipped with large panoramic windows, to make sure you don't miss out on the show.

Your aircraft will then take off for 45 minutes of pure happiness.
You will fly over the famous and immense Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Then you will enjoy splendid aerial views of the western sector of the Grand Canyon.
You will be able to observe the meandering Colorado River and the immense cliffs of the Grand Canyon. You can also admire Guano Point, Eagle Point and the breathtaking Skywalk, located on the Hualapai Indian Reserve.

Your pilot will then make a sensational descent into the heart of the Grand Canyon, to land on the shores of Colorado River, 4000 feet below.
You can spend 30 minutes at the bottom of the canyon, which will give you plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings and the landscape. A glass of champagne and some sweet treats will be served in this magnificent setting.
Then it will be time to return to your helicopter, which will fly over the Grand Canyon again for another 45 minutes of flight, the time to reach Las Vegas.

But the show is not over ! Your pilot will take advantage of this return flight to fly over the Sin City Strip. An opportunity for you to admire the immense casino hotels seen from the sky.

When you arrive at Las Vegas Airport, your limousine will be waiting to take you back to your hotel.

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Updated on 06 February 2022

King of Canyons Tour King of Canyons Tour King of Canyons Tour King of Canyons Tour King of Canyons Tour King of Canyons Tour

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