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Hoover Dam Bus Tour

Located less than an hour's drive east of Las Vegas, Hoover Dam is an impressive dam built on the Colorado River

The structure was built in 1936 and required 2,480,000 m³ of concrete. 221 metres high, 379 metres long and 200 metres thick at its base, the dam gave rise to Lake Mead, 32 km³ of water.

The dam has 17 turbines producing 4,200 GWh of electricity each year.

Aware of the interest in Hoover Dam, the authorities have opened part of the building to tourists.

Hoover Dam Bus Tour will start with a shuttle transfer to pick you up at your hotel and drive you to your Las Vegas bus.

From there, your luxury bus, with all the necessary comfort, will leave for a 45-minute drive to Hoover Dam. Your driver will take advantage of the trip to comment on the landscapes you will cross and tell you some anecdotes about the region.

As you approach Hoover Dam, you can enjoy beautiful views of Lake Mead.

You will then arrive in Hoover Dam and spend more than an hour and 30 minutes visiting the dam.
The tour includes a VIP guided tour of the inside of the dam, during which you can admire the impressive power generators, a visit to the site's Visitor Center, which houses a museum that traces the history and construction of the building.

You will then have the opportunity to reach views on either side of the dam, to admire the imposing concrete structure from every angle, as well as to enjoy pretty views of Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, a bridge over the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada, which with its 275 meters high is the 11th highest bridge in the world.

Your bus will then take you back to Las Vegas, and a shuttle bus will take you back to your hotel.

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Updated on 06 February 2022

Hoover Dam Bus Tour Hoover Dam Bus Tour Hoover Dam Bus Tour Hoover Dam Bus Tour

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